Community Covenant

Covenant is a common biblical term used often between the Israelites and God. Covenant signifies agreement, promise, and commitment. St. John’s is special in that  we are intentional about nurturing a safe, open, real, and welcoming environment for all those who desire a comfortable worship experience and loving faith community. We are especially intentional about welcoming young families and children and recognize what a blessing their presence is in our worship. It is wonderful how comfortable our kids are at St. John’s and how much they love to be there. Sometimes, they may be too comfortable, which is why as a growing intergenerational community, it is good for us to remind ourselves how we can continue to go about respecting each other in worship.

With the growing number of children as well as our children growing older and older each day, we covenant with each other to model for our children how to worship as well as allow our children to remind us to be open to the spontaneity of the Holy Spirit. Therefore as a community, let us covenant with each other the following . . .

For the St. John’s Community:

  1. I recognize that being a part of an intergenerational faith community means that there are times, I must exercise grace, patience, and nurturing love.
  2. If the noises of children make it difficult for me to participate in worship at my comfort, I will choose to move to an area in the sanctuary that is less distracting.
  3. I will model how to worship in an intergenerational faith community by doing my part to provide a safe, open, real, and welcoming atmosphere.
  4. If I have any thoughts, concerns, and/or ideas, I will express those to the pastors or elders.

For parents and families:

  1. As a parent, I will take advantage of special Sundays (like Interactive Sundays) to worship as a family and model for my children how to worship.
  2. As a parent of K-5 child, I will review the K-5 covenant with them about how to be respectful in worship.
  3. If I have any thoughts, concerns, and/or ideas, I will express those to the pastors and elders.

For Kids in grades Kindergarten through fifth grade:

Because I am old enough and an example to the younger kids, I promise the following:

  1. While in the ARK Program, I will listen to the teacher, engage in the story & activity, and respect the space and materials.
  2. If I choose not to participate in the ARK Program as described in covenant #1, I may sit with my family in worship.
  3. While in worship, I will sit quietly, participate in worship, or do a quiet age-appropriate activity (like coloring or reading) so that those around me may have a comfortable worship experience.
  4. During special worship services (like interactive worship), I will do my best to participate with my family and not distract others by going downstairs unsupervised or engaging in loud conversation with my friends.
  5. During worship, I will respect others by not eating the food before worship ends or engaging in loud activity (like wrestling and jumping off the stairs.)

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