Quilt Exhibition of the Dorcas Quilters

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere will be a quilt exhibition in the Phoenix Center of the Sunnyvale Presbyterian Church on March 2 (from 9 to 5) and March 3 (from 11 to 2) showing all of Bonny Morley’s handmade quilts. The exhibition will feature over 60 quilts; some were designed by Bonny’s mentor Alice Zwanck but most were designed by Bonny. Some were quilted by the Dorcas Quilters of St. Johns Presbyterian Church of San Francisco but most were hand quilted by Bonny. Bonny started quilting at the age of 16 and has completed over 70 quilts, all hand made.
In the exhibition, there will be “Freedom” quilts given to her sons upon their graduation from college, a “Keeping” quilt given to her husband on their 30th anniversary (with wedding vows embroidered around the outside of the back), a “Maze” quilt, baby quilts given to her sons and grandsons, and many wall hangings.

The address of the church is:
728 W. Fremont
Sunnyvale, CA


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