Lenten Book Conversations

Lent is a season where we remember Jesus tempted in the wilderness for 40 days. Often in Lent, we take up spiritual disciplines such as fasting from something we love such as coffee or chocolate. Some often add to their schedule to better the world or their community such as volunteer at a food pantry.

You are invited during this season of Lent to study and read the book, Pastrix: the Cranky, Beautiful Life of a Sinner and a Saint. It’s a book that intersects scripture and the life of Lutheran Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber. Her honesty invites us to engage and be honest with how our life intersects scripture. (Heads up: there are swear words sprinkled throughout.)

We will meet either in the Fireside Room or Chapel right after worship. Below is the schedule. Purchase the book and show up to as many of the conversations as you are able. Childcare can be made available. Contact pastor Theresa (tcho@stjohnssf.org) for more info.

March 9
Chapter 1 – The Rowing Team
Chapter 2 – God’s Aunt
Chapter 3 – Albion Babylon

March 16
Chapter 4 – La Femme Nadia
Chapter 5 – Thanks, ELCA
Chapter 6 – Hurricanes and Humiliation
Chapter 7 – I Didn’t Call You for this Truth Bullshit

March 23
Chapter 8 – Clinical Pastoral Education
Chapter 9 – Ennuchs and Hermaphrodites
Chapter 10 – Cotton Candy
Chapter 11 – Pirate Christian

March 30
Chapter 12 – The Haitian Stations of the Cross
Chapter 13 – Demons and Snow Angels
Chapter 14 – Doormats and Wrinkled Vestments
Chapter 15 – ghosts in the Kingdom of Heaven

April 6
Chapter 16 – Dirty Fingernails
Chapter 17 – The Wrong Kind of Different
Chapter 18 – He’s a Fuck-up, but He’s OUR Fuck-up
Chapter 19 – Beer & Hymns


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