St. John’s believes that children in worship are important to their spiritual formation.  Participating with adults in worship helps children develop a sense of belonging to a community and helps them develop their identity with the people of God and as a person of God.

We want our children to feel included in worship.  We even have places especially for children in our worship space.  Any time during worship, the children are invited to sit up front.  There are pillows and a small table with crayons and coloring/activity pages.  There are also books, stuffed animals, and interactive boards for little ones in the back. Children are not required to sit there.  Rather, we want to create a space where children feel comfortable in worship.

The Nursery Children, 0-2 years old, are invited to the Lighthouse, staffed by our professional childcare providers.  The nursery is located in the Library next to the sanctuary.

Sunday Lessons for Preschool – Sunday lessons are available for preschoolers where they can learn Bible stories through age-appropriate and hands-on crafts. The lessons are only 30 minutes, then they return to worship.  Preschoolers meet in the Fireside Room next to the Library at the beginning of worship.

Sunday Lessons for K-5th grade – Kids are invited to the Chapel (located right off the sanctuary) to engage in Bible stories through different activities. Lessons are only 30 minutes, then they return to worship.

6th-12th grade participate in a variety of activities. You can contact pastor Theresa ( for more info.


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