Yoga in Daily Life© is a holistic system of health, encompassing the science of body, mind, consciousness and soul. It remains true to the authentic Indian traditions of classical yoga, but is adjusted to meet the needs of the practitioner living in the 21st Century. The system aims to establish physical, mental, spiritual and social health. It is a truly comprehensive system offering a practical path of practice to all who search for peace of mind, harmony and fulfillment in life. The System is suitable for everybody regardless of age, state of health or cultural backgrounds.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, come and try and yoga.

Summer Series: July 5th – July 26th
Fall Series: August 23rd – October 4th

Thursdays: 6pm – 7pm

Fridays: 5:30pm – 6:30pm

There is something healthy about connecting the rhythm of our life to that of Nature, especially for those of us who live in cities. We use our Yoga practice to help us look inward, listen, and invite the quiet and reflection that winter encourages. The asanas or physical postures, and pranayama techniques, we practice will give our mind and body energy, vitality, and balance to help us keep our physical, mental and social health through this busy time of year.

For more information, contact Sam Lewins at Also, contact Sam for any date and time changes as well.

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